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• Existing Client Base

The most important factor that distinguishes Sullivan Multi Family Realty is our already existing position within the multi unit community. Unlike single family home buyers, many multi unit buyers are repeat purchasers. These clients develop lasting relationships with Sullivan Multi, as we provide them with landlord resources and market updates so that they are always aware of what is available. This enables us to identify potential buyers as soon as we see your property because we have an existing base of clients looking to buy multi family properties, and we are ready to match them with your property based on their specific needs. In some cases, we have a buyer lined up before the property officially goes on the market.

Existing Client Base
In 2009 Sullivan Multi has brought the buyer to almost twice as many as any other agency!

• Website: www.SullivanMulti.com

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We have the most comprehensive website of any listing agency in Southern Maine. It is kept up to date with photos and descriptions of all of our listings, and all Fastpaks and disclosures are available for download. Many multi owners and interested buyers in the area regularly check the website to see our listings and to take advantage of the many resources we offer. The website includes tips for first-time buyers, investors and landlords, links to local resources, and current information about the multi unit real estate market.

• Fastpaks

We publish a “Fastpak” brochure for each property that we list, including color photos, property highlights and financial summaries. The Fastpak is then distributed not only at every showing of the property but is also available on the website, and we e-mail or fax it to any active or potential buyers whom we think it may interest. Our Fastpak is the best information pack available – check them out by clicking the “for sale” tab above!

• Advertising

Sullivan Multi Family Realty ensures maximum exposure of each property that we list. To continuously attract new buyers, we advertise in various papers and newsletters, such as the Real Estate Book, the Munjoy Hill Observer, and the Southern Maine Landlord Association's Newsletter. We keep a highly-visible long-term advertising spot at the Back Bay Hannaford’s stocked with up-to-date fliers on available properties. We also send “Just Listed” postcards with a color photo and description of each property to potential buyers in the area. Along with the printed materials, we create and maintain attractive online advertisements on sites such as Craigslist. In addition, we have advertised on the radio and hosted happy hours for new buyers interested in learning about owning a multi.

• Experience

We consistently sell more multi unit properties in Cumberland County than other brokerages. In addition to our own listings, we bring up to twice as many buyers to properties than other agencies. Participating in such a volume of transactions has given Sullivan Multi valuable experience in the multi unit sales; we are able to accurately forecast a property’s final selling price, and we are experts at closing transactions. We are a small company that consistently outsells the national mega franchises.

• Pricing

We recommend a price range in which your property should sell, based on current market conditions, recent sales of comparable properties, and currently listing. This all-encompassing approach to pricing benefits you because it prevents hit-or miss pricing. In our experience, we have seen many overpriced properties deter serious and qualified buyers early on, and these buyers do not regain interest even if the price drops. Therefore, we do not list properties priced at more than 10% above our recommended price.

• Closing

Because of our experience selling multi unit properties, we know how to close a multi family deal, and how to prevent deals from falling apart. Often, getting properties under contract is the easy part. Too frequently we see brokers relax once they get a buyer to sign a contract. Unlike single families, multi units have multiple units to inspect, multiple leases to review and financing takes a banker or mortgage broker who knows how to underwrite multi family properties. We know how to minimize risk, thus we can keep deals from falling apart and identify a deal that really is too good to be true.


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