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Moises Sabina's Full Testimonial

"I had been looking at properties for months.  First, I was just looking in the paper, then online, and later the never-ending drive-bys.  I talked to a bank to see what I needed for a pre-approval, and then I got a real estate agent.  I chose some one who I had known for a long time, a friend who I trusted, and who had a great deal of experience.  My friend taught me a lot, showed me many properties, and helped me to narrow the field of my search.  Finally, I was ready to make an offer on a multi unit in Portland.  But it slipped away.

Some one beat us to it by a day.  Granted, it was the weekend, and it was snowing, but still – if I had just acted faster.  I had asked my agent to see it days ago, but it had been convenient to see it with a group of other listings, most of which did not fit my criteria.  I made another offer on a property in the same neighborhood.  My agent was on vacation, so my case was transferred to a rookie agent in the same office.  After tedious negotiations, my offer was accepted, and I arranged for a building inspection.  The building was a disaster.  The foundation was sinking, the beams were rotting, there were puddles of raw sewage, and toxic mold conditions.  My agent was still on vacation, and the seller’s agent was nowhere to be found.  I could only walk away, having wasted a lot of time and a little bit of money.  I attempted to put a third property under contract; negotiations were going smoothly, until the night the deal should have been closed, the seller went under contract with someone else.  I was devastated.  Maybe I had been negotiating too hard.  Maybe my agent wasn’t doing a good enough job convincing me that the value was there.  I had had enough.

Changing real estate agents was a terribly hard decision, but it is one which I will never regret.  The Portland real estate market is tough – there are either too few properties which are moving faster than you can see them, or there are so many properties that it becomes difficult to find the good values.  Sullivan Multi rescued me from a pit of despair.  They showed me that the bank I had been pre-approved by was being so conservative that it was hampering my ability to purchase a more valuable and nicer property, which would ultimately be a better investment.  They quickly showed me the properties that they had already seen, and had deemed to be good buys.  With Sullivan, I made three offers in three days, and on the fourth day, after rapid fire negotiations, which took $23K off the sale price, I had a great property under contract.  I had been working hard at this process for months, but these guys were working harder.

The team at Sullivan made getting to the closing as smooth as possible, and made sure that we had covered all of our bases.  From shopping for home owner’s insurance to getting electrical estimates, Sullivan was there for me every step of the way.  Even after the closing they continue to help me with landlord issues.  They hosted a landlord workshop on lease drafting and creating LLC’s with real live lawyers. 

I have since purchased a second property with Sullivan, and experienced the same detail oriented service.  The team at Sullivan make themselves available when needed, and have the resources to hurdle the obstacles that inevitably arise.

(Thank you all for all your hard work!)" – Moises Sabina


Sullivan Multi Unit Property, Portland Maine